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DZK and what you can do for me

Posted by WarLab - March 19th, 2009

DZK is the next step in the evolution of Hip-Hop music and a step backwards in the evolution of human life. He drinks too much, he smokes too much, he curses, he hates on Jesus, his bathroom is dirty because he doesn't care to look where he pees, he never cleans, he has no job, he is dedicated to one thing and one thing only... Teenage girls. No, wait, Music. Okay, two things... If Hell had a synchronized swimming squad, DZK would be the one sniffing their swim suits after practice. If you're not listening to DZK, you're doing something right. But for the rest of us, on the bright side, his original and daring song-writing is one of the few guilty pleasures in life that won't kill you. That is, unless you swallow his CD or get hit by his tour bus.

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DZK and what you can do for me

Comments (5)

nice site!! look forward to hearing more of ya man.

Yo thanks man, glad you like

I'ma sign up in a few and shit. Definitely looking forward to see what you gonna drop on my beats. I got some crazy shit in the mix now that you just might like wanna bust a nut on while dropping 16.

sure i will be hitting you up soon

Your songs are beastly dude, sick music!

glad you like them

"And everyone was like...YOU'RE FROM ALABAMAAA" Lmao killed it. Yo imma sign up for this shit man, definitely a fan fam. And trust, next round I'll be in the GRB.

Stay up fam, you wanna collab just hit me up man.

Nimbus The General

Damn you got two pages on this site man? LOL

nah the other Kid is some kindda wanna be